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Chose arty FDC in the Army, also 90s overall score. Grunts have a higher ASVAB than a lot of other MOS jobs, descriptions, and lowest needed. What is the minimum ASVAB score required to qualify for all military jobs? · Infantryman (11B): CO · Combat engineer (12B): CO · Military police (31B): ST Armed Forces Qualification Test (AFQT) Score · Effective December 5, Navy Recruiting Command implemented a pilot program which allows for a minimum ASVAB. Currently, the Army requires a minimum AFQT score of However, the Army has been known to grant waivers for those with scores as low as 26 on occasion. To be. The minimum ASVAB score you need to join the US Army is In order to qualify for certain enlistment bonuses, such as the Quick Ship bonus, you may need to.

The ASVAB is not an intelligence test; rather, it aims to assess an applicant's abilities and fit for certain military and civilian jobs. The test measures. Army Careers & Required ASVAB Scores ; 25S, Satellite Commo System Operator/Maintainer, EL ; 25U, Signal Support System Specialist, EL & SC ; 25V, Combat. To enlist in the Army, you will need an AFQT minimum score of An army position is also essentially a Military Occupational Specialty (MOS), which means you. There are 10 ASVAB scores for army jobs. The line score for clerical is a composite of the ASVAB scores for arithmetic reasoning, word knowledge, mathematics. The Army currently requires a minimum AFQT score of See the table below for Army jobs and the required minimum ASVAB line scores required for each job. GED holders must achieve a minimum 50 AFQT score. Officers take the Air Force Officer Qualifying Test (AFOQT) instead of the AFQT. While there is no "failing" the ASVAB, you will need to score at least a 31 on the exam to be considered for enlistment in the Army. Your scores will be.

According to, in order to enlist in the Army, recruits need to receive a minimum AFQT score of However, jobs within the Army have different. Each Coast Guard job requires a minimum ASVAB score. Rating. Coast Guard Job Title. Minimum ASVAB Score. Avionics Electrical Technician. Aviation. Joining the Army? Peterson's Army ASVAB test prep includes study guides & practice tests. Explore scores & requirements for Army jobs. Enter Your ASVAB Scores ; AFQT. Armed Forces Qualifying Test ; GS. General Science ; AR. Arithmetic Reasoning ; WK. Word Knowledge ; PC. Paragraph Comprehension. There is no minimum ASVAB score. ASVAB Standard Score Bands. You'll notice gray shading around each score in the center section. These ASVAB score ranges are. Army Line Scores: ; 11X. Infantry Enlistment Option. CO ; 11Z. Infantry Senior Sergeant. N/A ; 13B. Cannon Crewmember. FA ; 13C. Tactical Automated Fire. The highest the ASVAB score you get on the AFQT, the more attractive the jobs you'll be offered. That's because military jobs in the AFQT categories 1 and 2 are. The Army requires a minimum AFQT score of A score of 50 is required for an applicant holding a high school equivalency degree (GED or HiSET). Coast Guard. Minimun Scores required: Air Force - 36; Army - 31; Coast Guard - 40; Marines - 31; Navy - ASVAB Testing Dates. Beaumont.

Generally you need at least a 32 to join the Army, Navy, or Marines, although sometimes this requirement varies. The scores that determine what. Ok so your 38 is your AFQT score. It has to be between 31 and 99 to be eligible to enlist. Your line scores are what gets your job. I have seen. ASVAB, a series of tests that helps you better understand your strengths and identify which Army REQUIRED ASVAB SCORE(S) Skilled Technical (ST).

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