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22 MAGNUM: My favorite small game cartridge

2. Can I hunt deer with WMR? Ans: No, you shouldn't. The bullet is too weak to handle games like deer. IMO taking head shots at whitetails with a 22mag is very risky and having deer running around with hideous head wounds could do a great disservice to all sport. deer hunting). It's been used in survival situations and by poachers. The 22 mag is better than 22lr because it's more powerful, faster, and has FMJ ammo. With the Long Rifle caliber, shooters will experience very little recoil, a less-concussive sound and pressure, and less wear and tear on the firearm, which. The Pure Michigan Hunt is a chance at a hunt of a lifetime for three lucky hunters. Winners may purchase one elk, bear, antlerless deer, spring turkey, fall.

Every round must be treated as if it can't be replaced. If you have any brains in your head, a 22LR can make a very effective and relatively quiet deer killer . 22 Hornet. 22 LR. 22 Nosler. 22 WMR. Rem. Rem. Rem. Win. Rem. Rem. Win. WSM. 28 Nosler. Ackley Imp. Springfield. Ruger 10/22 Carbine Semi-Auto Rimfire Rifle with Viridian Scope · (43). $$ ; Henry Classic Lever-Action Rimfire Rifle · (). $$ ; Smith &.

To Kill a deer with a 22, you have to hit the central nervous system. The brain, brain stem, and first 4 inches of the spinal column are the only dependable. A person may not hunt deer with any firearms using a or caliber rimfire cartridge, except that the use of the caliber rimfire magnum cartridge is. 22LR Kill a Deer? Yes, but - Modern Survival Best Deer Hunting Calibers for Outdoor Life Top WMR Hunting Loads An Official Journal Of Web8 ta' Diċ.

i wouldn't ever (in a hunting / sporting situation) use a 22 lr or mag for deer. i know they can do it, and i have in cases of an injured deer, however more. A 22mag will definatley kill a deer out to about 75 yards i recon, especially if you shoot for high neck or the head. Not that im bragging or anything, but i. At the time, the 22 Magnum and I killed everything in site, from ground squirrels to rabbits. It was my number one rimfire rifle and I never left it behind.

22 caliber rim-fire cannot be used as a primary or secondary weapon to take deer or bear. Written Descriptions of Areas Shown on Legal Implements Map. Bow. 22 caliber rimfire firearms. x Daytime hunting - See "(7) OTHER GAME BIRDS OR deer and turkey with bow and arrows that are not in conformance with the. Every round must be treated as if it can't be replaced. If you have any brains in your head, a 22LR can make a very effective and relatively quiet deer killer . 22 Magnum and then the references to the WMR also?:confused::whiteflag::D. If I'm not Hunting for Deer.

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A 22LR can kill a deer, but it is not the ideal caliber for deer hunting. The 22LR is a small caliber round that is not well suited for taking down large. Best Ammo (Round, Load, Cartridge) for a Successful Whitetail Deer Hunt. Hunting Calibers; 04 Apr, ; Posted By: Foundry Outdoors. Is the WMR. Deer hunting with 22 magnum WebSep 16, · The 44 Magnum bullet has a muzzle speed of 1,–1, feet per second and generates kinetic energy at a. Quietly the 22 mag RF is growing in popularity many handguns and rifles I had gone hunting with Jim Taylor one year but the deer just were not cooperating. The Hornet's virtual absence of recoil has made it even quite popular among deer hunters in some areas, although it is generally regarded as very underpowered. It is prohibited to hunt on private land with ammunition larger than caliber rimfire during the private land shotgun/rifle deer season. There are two. Oct. 21 - 22, , Dec. 9 - 17, Modern Gun, Nov. 11 - 26, Free Youth Weekend, Dec. 30 - 31, ​. ​GENERAL INFORMATION. The statewide deer. I like it, uses open sights dove tails I believe. I also use a sigle six ruger and a ruger 10/ Both reliable guns for trapping and hunting. 22 WMR rifle makes it a great choice for hunting, plinking, target practice, and more. Whether you're looking to improve your technique or hunt varmint and even. should be "0" - shooting a deer in the chest (front) not a good idea.. IMO.. a little research seems to point to the 22 mag as serviceable (not ideal) for.
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